Nogales, Sonora, To Hermosillo Flights Set To Return

By Murphy Woodhouse
Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 5:05am

Nogales-Hermosillo Flight
City of Nogales, Sonora
Officials walk across the tarmac at the international airport in Nogales, Sonora.

After more than a decade without a direct commercial service, the border city and export manufacturing hub Nogales, Sonora, will soon be a one-hour flight from Hermosillo.

Monday and Thursday morning flights will start Aug. 1, and passengers will be ferried in a 13-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan. One-way tickets are around $85.

“The intention is to connect the people of Nogales with flights everywhere in Mexico,” said Tanya Rocha, with the provider Aereo Servicio Guerrero.

The airport in Hermosillo provides direct flights around the country.

If there’s enough demand, the company hopes to grow the service to more days, Rocha added.

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