With National Ads, Tecate Seeks To Reach Mexican-Americans Across US

By Jorge Valencia
October 10, 2016
Two groups of men gather along a fictitious border in a new Tecate commercial targeting Mexican Americans across the U.S.

For years, the brewery Tecate has made its beer in its namesake city along the Mexican border, and it has been popular in the United States — mostly across the Southwest.

Now, the company is pushing to reach a national audience. Riding the growing popularity of Mexican beers across the United States, Tecate closed 2015 with sales up 46 percent, according to company figures. This year, the company has made an advertising investment with two national campaigns.

Its first ads, launched this spring, featured the beer’s signature eagle looking over a boxing match and a soccer game:

And its latest campaign, launched this fall on Fox and Univision, re-interpreted the centerpiece symbol of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — a wall along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The ads are designed to reach Tecate’s target demographic — Mexican Americans, said  Belen Pamukoff, the company’s brand director. With the wall ad, she said, the company is not taking a political position

“We’re just saying beer is a unifier,” Pamukoff said. “We’re taking a relevant topic, and we’re giving our take on it."

The wall campaign has achieved the company’s goal: get people across the country talking about Tecate. The brewery got its first mentions in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and the Today Show, Pamukoff said. The border wall got 6 million views through the company’s social media channels and has been viewed overall at least 6 million times.

And the investment on the campaign? It was modest, Pamukoff said.

“I can’t tell you how much, but it wasn’t a lot,” Pamukoff said.