Topo Chico Becoming Most Popular Imported Sparkling Water In Southwest

By Jorge Valencia
October 21, 2016
Topo Chico
Topo Chico has targeted hip young consumers by sponsoring festivals such as Austin City Limits in Texas.
Topo Chico
The Mexican sparkling water Topo Chico is going through a new boom in sales.

Topo Chico, the century-old Mexican sparkling water brand, has long been popular in taquerias and high-end restaurants from California to Texas. Now, according to company figures, it’s going through a new emergence.

Topo Chico sales grew by 31.5 percent in the last three months, on new marketing buys targeting young consumers, such as Lollapalooza in Illinois and Austin City Limits in Texas, according to an earnings statement from parent company Arca Continental.

This confirms Topo Chico’s “market leadership position as the number one imported mineral water brand in convenience and grocery stores across the Southwest U.S. market,” said Arturo Gutierrez Hernandez, operations director for Arca Continental.

Topo Chico, founded in 1895, has been distributed in the United States since 1987. Arca is aiming at expanding Mexican distribution from the north of the country. It recently sold Mexican distribution rights to the Coca-Cola Company, though neither company disclosed terms of the deal.

In a conference, Arca CEO Francisco Garza told investors the water will continue to be bottled on a mountain in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey by bottler Compañía Embotelladora Topo Chico, maintaining its natural mineral composition of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese.