President Of Mexico’s GOP Chapter Withdraws Support From Trump

By Jorge Valencia
November 07, 2016
Jorge Valencia
Larry Rubin, head of the largest group of Republicans in Mexico

The head of the largest group of Republicans in Mexico said he will not vote for Donald Trump.

Larry Rubin, who’s registered to vote in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, said that in his 12 years heading the Republican Party in Mexico, this is the first time he is not supporting the GOP nominee.

Rubin said he disagrees with Trump’s position on foreign trade and that, until this week, he was hoping Trump would take back some of his most inflammatory statements.
“Part of the rhetoric like the issues with women and other rhetoric he’s used,” Rubin said. “I think he has not recognized the true value of immigrants, immigrants both legal and illegal.”
Both Republicans and Democrats have made efforts to get Americans abroad to vote via absentee ballots. The American Society of Mexico said 2 million Americans live here, making the country home to the biggest group of potential voters outside of the United States.