The Costs Behind A Migrant Crisis

A. Favela
By Jude Joffe-Block, Laurel Morales, Lorne Matalon, Michel Marizco
February 07, 2016

This five-part series aired in June 2016 on KJZZ Phoenix. It took first place for series reporting at the 2017 PRNDI Annual Awards.

In 2014, refugees from Central America began pouring into the United States in record numbers, and the trend seemed to repeat itself in 2016. Many of those were children, sent alone in hopes of obtaining a visa to stay in the U.S. This series looks at how the U.S. and Mexico are handling this influx of refugees.

Fronteras Desk reporters Michel Marizco, Lorne Matalon, Laurel Morales and Jude Joffe-Block traveled to Ohio, California, the U.S.-Mexico border, and into Mexico and Central America to produce these stories.

Part 1: Asylum Seekers Surge in Yuma
Part 2: Tracking U.S. Influence on Mexico's Southern Border Plan
Part 3: Migrants Run Gauntlet on Guatemala-Mexico Border
Part 4: Unaccompanied Minors in the Hands of Traffickers
Part 5: Thousands of Child Migrants Go Unrepresented in Immigration Court

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