South Phoenix Community To Vote On Sale Or Lease Of Garcia Elementary School

By Mariana Dale
Published: Friday, July 12, 2019 - 2:00pm
Jackie Hai/KJZZ
The Alfred F. Garcia Elementary School is in the Murphy Elementary School District.

South Phoenix residents who live in the Murphy School District will vote this fall on whether to sell or lease Alfred Garcia Elementary School.

Fall 2018 environmental testing found elevated levels of lead at a south Phoenix school. More than half of the rooms in the school had fungal and or water damage, and at least six had significant levels of lead paint dust. Children and staff were transferred to other campuses.

“We had historically lost a significant number of students from the school and the cost to repair Garcia was significant,” said Peter Davis, a forensic accountant who has served as the district’s receiver.

“It was no longer necessary to retain Garcia as an asset within the district because we had adequate seating within the other schools to support the children,” Davis said.  

The Murphy School District Governing Board approved the election to determine the school’s fate at a June 17 meeting.

Davis estimates the sale could generate a few million dollars for the district. In the year since the financially troubled district was placed into receivership, administration has worked to cut costs and bring in new revenue.

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