Border Patrol Union President: Agents Destroying Water Jugs Are Humanitarian

February 16, 2018

The Border Patrol has come under criticism after humanitarian activists recorded some of its agents destroying water and other provisions left for undocumented border crossers.

Brandon Judd is the agency’s union president. He recently told a House Natural Resources committee that agents are not destroying the supplies, contradicting video evidence provided by the group No More Deaths.

"If that water heats up in the desert, it’s actually a lot more dangerous to drink extremely heated water than what it is if you don’t have that water at all.  So what our agents are doing is they’re actually taking a humanitarian effort to save these individuals," Judd said.

Arizona Republican Paul Gosar heads the committee. He asked Judd, "So are the agents actively dismantling supplies for coyotes and individuals being smuggled?"

Judd: "Absolutely not."

The Border Patrol has never denied the veracity of the videos provided by No More Deaths. A spokesperson said Tucson sector agents have been instructed not to destroy water stations left along trails in the desert.