Report: Almost 2,000 Attacks On Journalists Under Mexico's Current President

By Jorge Valencia
March 20, 2018

Mexico's current presidency has seen the most violent attacks against the press in the country's recent memory, according to a study released Tuesday by the international human rights group Article 19.

The report, issued by the London-based NGO, is very critical of the administration of current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

According to Article 19's tally, there have been 1,986 violent attacks on journalists and 41 journalists have been killed in that period since Peña Nieto took office in late 2012.

The report said that in many of those cases government officials have been complicit, either because investigators looked the other way or because police officers themselves were the perpetrators.

The report is called “Nada que aplaudir” in Spanish or loosely translated: Nothing to celebrate.