New App Can Immediately Connect Migrants With Their Lawyer

Published: Friday, August 30, 2019 - 3:48pm
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A pair of immigration attorneys from Texas have come up with an app that tells them if a client has been pulled over by local police, or federal agents have shown up with a warrant.

Now the legal team hopes to convince attorneys in Arizona to buy their product.

The app is called Lawpilot Guardian.  If a client pushes a big red button, alerts go out to their attorney and loved ones. The app uses G.P.S. so the lawyer can see where their client is, and it automatically records audio of what’s happening.

“And it’s stored to the cloud. So even when (authorities) confiscate your phone, the lawyer has that information and they can act immediately,” said Martin Valko, attorney, co-founder and CEO of Lawpilot Solutions.

The app also has text to voice messages that lawyers can customize. Clients can then use them to tell authorities things like they choose to remain silent, refuse to sign documents without a lawyer, or ask to see a copy of a warrant.