Phoenix Police Officers Face Disciplinary Review Board Over Offensive Social Media Posts

Published: Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 4:19pm

Several Phoenix police officers who were investigated over offensive social media posts are being referred to the department’s Disciplinary Review Board, where they face suspension, demotion or termination. 

In June, the Plain View Project published several Phoenix police officers Facebook posts, where officers bashed immigrants, Muslims, identified with right-wing militia groups and glorified police brutality. 

“For the last several months, officers from the Department’s Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) have been examining evidence to determine if there was employee misconduct,” Sgt. Tommy Thompson, a Police Department spokesman, said in a statement. “This process is now complete and the PSB has referred some officers to the Disciplinary Review Board (DRB).”

The board is made up of the officer’s peers, department leadership and members of the community. They forward their recommendations to Police Chief Jeri Williams.

Sgt. Juan Hernandez, who shared 11 posts calling Muslims criminals and mocking undocumented immigrants, is suing the department, alleging its social media policy is unconstitutional.

The policy instructs officers to be aware of what they post on social media because it “may be considered a reflection upon their position, and, in some instances, this Department.”

The board will convene on Tuesday.

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