Census Bureau: Maricopa County is popular county to move into and out of

March 28, 2012

People moving out of Maricopa County between 2005 and ‘09 were more geographically spread out than people leaving any other American county. The same was also true of people moving into Maricopa County during that time. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: Numbers from the Census Bureau show Maricopa County had the highest inflows and outflows in the country. Inflows are the number of people living in a county who had lived in a different county the year before; outflows are the number of people who move from one county to another. People moving into Maricopa County came from 993 different counties. People leaving Maricopa County moved to more than 1,100 different counties. The most popular for both in and outflow for Maricopa County were Pinal, Pima, Coconino, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. LA County had the highest numbers in the US of both people moving in and out, losing about 160,000 residents over those five years.

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