Rep. David Schweikert Unhappy With Proposed Budget Deal

Published: Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 6:28am
Updated: Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 11:35am
Office of Rep. David Schweikert
David Schweikert.

Arizona Congressman David Schweikert said the proposed budget deal worked out by Senate and House leaders falls short of addressing long term budget issues. He said he is not sure if he will vote to approve the plan.

"The real battle ahead of us is we need to tell the truth about mandatory spending, things that are on autopilot. The sequestration was really the only lever out there that served to move the discussion, and to bring both parties to the table to talk about the truth about changing demographics and mandatory spending," said Shweikert.

He said he is still trying to understand all the details of the proposal. Schweikert said he is concerned that this short term solution might actually delay a serious long term budget negotiations.

"Does this particular agreement in many ways, in many ways provide a level of indemnification, where both sides say we no longer have to deal with the big issues, the tough things? Does this sort a band-aid that carries the House and Senate over the next two years and once again push off the really needed reforms?" Schweikert asked.

Schweikert said he has not decided yet if he will vote for the deal. He said he and his staff are still trying to dig into the details of the deal to see if he can support it.

Sequestration was the across the board budget cuts enacted when Congress was unable to reach a budget deal. The proposed agreement announced this week will restore some of those funding cuts.


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