Tempe To Launch Online Gift Card And Voucher Program To Support Local Businesses

Published: Monday, April 13, 2020 - 5:05am

As small businesses across the country struggle to remain afloat during the looming economic crisis, some cities are looking for ways to help.

Millions are unemployed and small businesses are doing whatever they can to stay open. The city of Tempe is rolling out a program that allows customers to purchase gift cards and vouchers from local businesses.

Through the city's “buy now save local” program, money from gift cards and vouchers goes to the business now, and the customer can purchase something once economic conditions improve.

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell says the program is about preserving the city’s unique local business ecosystem.

"They are the soul of our community," Mitchell said. "They give our city character. Right now we’re looking at an opportunity to have residents explore opportunities within our own city to try new foods, shop online, buy unique gifts, to help spice up not only your spirit but the spirit of the local businesses that they have."

Small businesses pay taxes and employ city residents — something Mitchell says is good for everybody in the city. 

“Tempe businesses keep our city strong," Mitchell said. "Revenues from our Tempe businesses really help pave our streets, and put books in our libraries and make our city stronger by employing not only your friends but sometimes neighbors and family members. It’s really important that we support local businesses. By doing so we make our city a better city … a lot better.”

The Buy Now Save Local program debuts this week ahead of the city’s Save Local Saturday event scheduled for April 18.


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