Arizona legislative session approaches its end

May 02, 2012

Arizona Representative John Kavanagh talks about finalizing the state budget and how close this year's legislative session is to closing.Kavanaugh says getting out of the fiscal crisis has been extremely difficult and frustrating, and the new plan is to match budget growth to the slow return of the economy. He says the goal is to make sure the spending doesn't outpace economic recovery, and they decided to look further forward than usual and make plans based on the economic forecast three years forward. Kavanagh says it's easier to give than to take when it comes to people who rely on government money, but cuts are going to be necessary for a while.

Representative Chad Campbell was scheduled to appear on the show but was ultimately unable to join. Campbell said rumor is the session may end Thursday, but it could extend another week.

To provide additional insight on the legislative session, Steve Goldstein spoke to KJZZ government and politics reporter Mark Brodie. 

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