Arizona Gas Prices Dropping While National Average Climbs

By Holliday Moore
Published: Friday, May 8, 2020 - 7:57am

Arizona gas prices remain higher than the national average, but the gap is closing.

The state's average price has fallen 4 cents since last week while the national figure climbed by that same amount.

A supply surplus had yanked prices as low as 88 cents a gallon in the Midwest during an oil futures sell-off frenzy two weeks ago.

Currently, the national average is $1.81 a gallon. Aldo Vazquez with AAA Arizona says Arizona drivers on average are paying about 27 cents a gallon higher at the pump.

"Pump price fluctuations will continue across the country in the coming weeks," he said, "especially as more states reopen and motorists begin driving more, so as more states start to reopen businesses, those states will likely see demand increase and pump prices will likely follow suit."

He says Coconino County drivers are paying the highest prices in Arizona at $2.21 a gallon, whereas Pima County drivers are paying $1.85 per gallon.


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