Border Patrol Contracting For Mobile Blimp Surveillance Systems

Published: Monday, June 1, 2020 - 7:28am

The Trump administration’s biggest border project has undoubtedly been the building of hundreds of miles of new border wall. But its chief border security agency, the Border Patrol, is also quietly looking into new, smaller technologies.

The U.S. government’s most ambitious and expensive plans for border security involve costly camera systems and of course, a new border wall. But it’s also looking at smaller projects that would accomplish many of the same objectives.

Equipment like small, inexpensive drones and remote camera systems. Now it’s asking for design ideas for aerostats, basically, blimps, that agents could attach to vehicles and drive out into the southwest border region for surveillance.

One difference to existing surveillance systems: Agents would be able to monitor what the blimp’s cameras can see from their vehicle.


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