More Than 60 Phoenix Firefighters Test Positive For COVID-19

Published: Monday, July 13, 2020 - 6:27pm

The Phoenix Fire Department has had more than 60 positive COVID-19 cases, and another 100 firefighters are under quarantine while awaiting test results.

Spokesman Todd Kelly said that firefighters can spend long shifts living in close quarters. 

"You can have four guys at a station, you can have 14 guys at a station. So you are going to be in contact with the other firemen at the station but we’re taking all precautions, social distancing, and everybody’s keeping their distance and stuff like that, it’s just, we’re well aware of what’s going on and we’re doing everything necessary that we can," Kelly said. 

Firefighters must also interact with the public on calls for service, which can create unique challenges. Kelly said that the department is taking all calls seriously during the pandemic, and that so far service has not been impacted. 

“We’re protecting ourselves. All of our personnel wear masks, gloves, eye protection, and there’s just a little more precaution taken to account," Kelly said. 

Phoenix has the nation’s fifth-largest fire department with 60 fire stations. 

Kelly says the firefighters under quarantine are eager to get back to work. 

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