Weekend Deal Averts Statewide Strike In Sonora

Published: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 5:02pm

A threatened statewide strike in Sonora was slated to start Tuesday, but in the end did not.

Successful weekend negotiations were what ultimately averted the massive labor action, said Javier Villarreal, president of the Sonoran branch of the Mexican Workers’ Confederation. The threat to strike was made after negotiations between bus drivers in Hermosillo and the service’s operator broke down in October.

“With the state government, we agreed on two things: the reinstallation of approximately 70 laid-off workers,” as well as bonuses and back pay, Villarreal said.

The drivers are members of the confederation, which represents roughly 130,000 workers in the state. Business leaders had warned that a strike of that scale during the pandemic could have been disastrous.

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