Months After Passage, Sonoran Gender ID Law Has Yet to Take Effect

Published: Friday, January 15, 2021 - 4:43pm

Several months after its passage, a historic gender identity reform in neighboring Sonora has yet to take effect.

In October, the Sonoran Congress approved the measure, which would allow transgender Sonorans to change their birth certificates and other documents to reflect their gender identity.

But more than three months later, proponents say it has yet to be published in the state’s Official Bulletin, meaning that for the time being no one can begin the process to correct their official documents.

“No we can’t do any of the paperwork, we can’t do it,” said Alejandra Dominguez, vice president of Sonora Trans, which pushed for the reform.

Deputy Miroslava Luján, the measure’s sponsor, said she has asked the state Congress to formally direct the Bulletin to publish the law as soon as possible, which she expects will occur as soon as next week.

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