Suspension Of Tourism On Havasupai Land Remains In Place

Published: Monday, February 1, 2021 - 5:05am
Updated: Monday, March 22, 2021 - 12:13pm

Feb. 1 is the day when the Havasupai tribe normally lets people sign up to visit its lodge, campgrounds and for hiking permits, but this year there was not an online dash to get a spot.

Hopeful travelers have been wondering if the roughly yearlong suspension of tourism might be lifted in time to sign up to visit Havasupai land this year.

Not hosting guests has been costly, but the tribal council has decided to leave the suspension in place, said Havasupai spokesperson Abbie Fink.

“Fortunately the tribe has been able to access some of the CARES funding. And as additional funding becomes available, they’re hopeful they’ll have an opportunity to do that again,” she said.

Fink said the tribal council’s decision to keep visitors away is driven by there not having been a single case of COVID-19 reported in Supai.

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