Field For Sonoran Governorship Takes Shape

Published: Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 5:05am

As of Friday afternoon, three candidates had officially registered with the State Electoral Institute.

Ricardo Bours, former mayor of Cajeme and brother of former Sonoran Gov. Eduardo Bours, will be the candidate of the Movimiento Ciudadano — or Citizen Movement — party. Former Hermosillo Mayor Ernesto Gándara will represent the Va Por Sonora coalition, made up of three once rival parties — the PAN, PRI and PRD.

On Friday, former Nogales Mayor Cuauhtémoc Galindo filed his candidate registration to run with the Progressive Social Networks party.

Alfonso Durazo, the former national security secretary, was set to file his paperwork Saturday, according to a spokesperson. He will represent the Together We Will Make History in Sonora coalition, made up of the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's Morena party, as well as the Worker’s, Green and Sonoran New Alliance parties.

The campaign will start on March 5 and end June 2, just before the June 6 election.

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