Lawmakers Call For Arizona Department Of Corrections Investigation Following KJZZ Report

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 8:21am

A bipartisan group of 10 state lawmakers are demanding answers from Gov. Doug Ducey after a KJZZ whistleblower report exposing problems with inmate management software at the Arizona Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections employees said they came forward because they were concerned that department software cannot properly interpret current sentencing laws.

In a letter sent to the governor on Monday, state senators and representatives reacted to KJZZ reporting that revealed inmates in state prisons are potentially being held behind bars longer than they should be.

The lawmakers called the reporting alarming and said it contains allegations that have been echoed by their constituents.

The letter states “Inmates are trapped in facilities that they should by law be released from, due to negligence and willful disregard of a glaring and fixable issue.”

The lawmakers asked the governor to hold the Department of Corrections accountable and investigate the software issues to ensure the release of eligible inmates as quickly as possible.