Mexican Elections Include Electronic Voting Abroad And A Migrant Representative

By Rodrigo Cervantes
Published: Monday, March 22, 2021 - 5:05am
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National Electoral Institute of Mexico
Mexico's National Electoral Institute works to ensure citizens inside and outside the country may vote.

MEXICO CITY — On June 6, Mexico will hold federal elections for many congressional and governor seats. According to its National Electoral Institute, tens of thousands of Mexicans living overseas have registered to cast their vote; most of them from the U.S. And this year, the election is different for Mexicans abroad.

Almost 34,000 Mexicans living in 92 different countries registered to vote, according to the electoral institute. About 25,000 of them live in the U.S.

José Antonio Carrera is a political science researcher from the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City. He says 13 million Mexicans live overseas — 97% are in the U.S; a portion relevant for the country’s democracy.

The researcher says these elections will be also the first to include electronic voting overseas, complementing mail voting. 

It also will be the first time that Mexico City’s migrants will elect a congressperson to represent them in the local legislature.

The majority of registered voters abroad — about 13,000 — are from Mexico City.  

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