Tucson Unified School District Superintendent Upset With 'Disheartening' Sex Education Bill

By Vaughan Jones
Published: Saturday, April 17, 2021 - 7:17pm
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Senate Bill 1456 has recently passed through the Arizona Legislature, and is waiting on Gov. Doug Ducey’s approval. If signed into law, the bill would require state schools to get parents' permission for discussions about sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Tucson Unified School District Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo says this measure marginalizes students across the state.

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“This essentially tells a very vibrant and important segment of our student body, in the LGBTQ+ community, that their history, and their stories, don’t matter,” said Trujillo.

SB1 456 also states that parents can choose whether their child learns LGBTQ history, like the 1969 Stonewall riots, during social studies classes.

Trujillo says the bill not only harms the LGBTQ community, but also creates logistical problems for schools and districts.

“It is extremely disappointing, it is extremely disheartening, and I don’t think the legislature has a thorough understanding of the amount of disruption that this represents,” said Trujillo.

He says the bill complicates the education process, by forcing teachers to revise curriculums and only teach certain lessons to specific students.

State Sen. Nancy Barto, who proposed the bill, says it gives parents more oversight of what their children are being taught. 

State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman called the bill "state-codified bigotry,” in a statement after the bill was passed in both the House and Senate.

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