For First Time In Nearly A Year, Sonora Logs No Daily COVID-19 Deaths

Published: Monday, April 19, 2021 - 5:38pm

As far as good news goes, it’s fairly grim, but neighboring Sonora did not log a single COVID-19-related death on Sunday.

It says more about the scale of the tragedy here, but the zero deaths logged on Sunday broke a streak of more than 340 days. The last time no deaths were reported was May 8 of last year. Since then, the average official daily toll has been nearly 18 people, according to state data logged by Luis Armando Moreno. 

“I wish everyday was like this. But the reality is different,” said Sonoran Health Secretary Enrique Clausen, adding that the virus isn’t going anywhere for months.

Despite Sunday's announcement, average daily deaths have been inching up in recent weeks, according to data tracked by the University of Sonora. Excess mortality data also suggest that the real toll is substantially higher in Sonora and across the country.

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