Mexico Takes Steps To Make Feminine Hygiene Products Free In Schools

By Rodrigo Cervantes
Published: Sunday, May 2, 2021 - 5:05am

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Rodrigo Cervantes/KJZZ
Shelves in a supermarket in Mexico City with feminine hygiene products have no tampons after the 2021 ban of these products.

MEXICO CITY — Feminist organizations and politicians in Mexico have been pushing for better conditions for women in schools. The Mexican Congress just took a big step on that path.

Mexico's lower chamber approved a law to make female sanitary products — like tampons, pads and menstrual cups — free in schools.

The law, which still needs the Senate's approval, also intends to reinforce menstrual education to fight misinformation and bullying against girls on their period. 

Feminist lobbies and politicians are also pushing to eliminate taxes on female sanitary products, arguing sexism and an economic obstacle for the health of many women. Their last attempt didn't pass in Congress.

Earlier this year, Mexico City passed an environmental ban on certain plastics, including tampon applicators. But feminists say the law has no gender perspective and want the city's government to amend it.