Limited In-Person Visitations To Resume In Arizona Prisons

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 4:43pm

The Arizona Department of Corrections announced it will be resuming in-person visitations in state prisons in a limited capacity. Visitations were originally suspended in March of 2020.

Now that COVID-19 cases are declining in state prisons, the department said in a statement in-person visitations will resume June 19.

But only prisoners in the highest level of an earned incentive program, who have also been fully vaccinated, will be eligible for the visitations.

Visits will be limited to two adult visitors and one minor child for one two-hour block of in-person visits per week.

Visitors are not required to be vaccinated but need to wear face masks.

Attorneys and volunteers will also be allowed back into the prisons.

Prisoner work programs that were halted due to the pandemic will restart in the first week of June.

More than 2,700 DOC employees and more than 35,000 prisoners contracted the virus. Sixty people incarcerated in state prisons have died from COVID-19.

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