Officials Call On Sonorans To Conserve Water As Drought Continues

By Kendal Blust
Published: Wednesday, June 16, 2021 - 6:36pm

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Agua de Hermosillo
Hermosillo's water comission published a list of water saving tips. Officials in Sonora are asking everyone to cut down on water consumption as the state grapples with severe drought and water shortages.

Mexican officials are calling on residents of the state of Sonora to conserve water as the region continues to experience severe drought conditions.

Some parts of the state are already struggling to keep water flowing to residents as water levels continue to fall in Sonora’s dams. Hermosillo is renting private wells and reactivating some in disuse to boost water access. And the federal government may also begin cloud seeding — a procedure that uses chemicals to increase the probability of rain.

But while only rain can relieve the situation, officials are asking residents to take shorter showers, stop watering gardens, fix leaky taps, pipes and hoses, and otherwise cut down on consumption.

Hermosillo’s water commission says it will also institute so-called “water patrols” to catch water wasters who could face hefty fines.

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