Arizona Getting Millions For Untaxable Federal Land

Published: Thursday, June 24, 2021 - 4:18pm
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The U.S. Department of Interior says it’s giving Arizona roughly $40 million to offset the tax revenue local governments can’t make from federal land located there.

The amount is slightly more than what was sent to the state’s 15 counties last year.

The yearly money is meant as payment in lieu of taxes that local governments can’t levy against exempt federal lands. Think of places like the Grand Canyon, Prescott National Forest and Cabeza Prieta wildlife refuge.

The cash comes from fees charged by the federal government and is meant to help cover the cost for key local services.

Data shows Mohave County has the most acres of federal land in Arizona. But Yuma County’s share of this year’s money is just slightly more.

The total coming to Arizona is $40.2 million, which is less than all neighboring U.S. states, but is more than what the feds have set aside for the other 45.

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