Girl seeks geek at Phoenix Comicon speed dating

May 29, 2012

Online dating may not be for everyone. At this weekend’s Phoenix Comicon, self-described geeks and nerds have found an alternative. KJZZ’s Laura Palmisano explains.

Geek Speed Dating Gemma German during a geek speed dating session at Phoenix Comicon. (Photo by Laura Palmisano - KJZZ)
Geek Speed Dating Sarah Childs (left) and Christal Hayes during a geek speed dating session at Phoenix Comicon. (Photo by Laura Palmisano - KJZZ)

ANNOUNCEMENT: If none of you have ever done this before you are going to have a really good time.

LAURA PALMISANO: Welcome to Geek Speed Dating. That’s right, geek speed dating. It was a popular event this weekend at Phoenix Comicon. Women wearing large hats and guys carrying fake swords were all looking for love. 25-year-old Gemma German hoped she would find her perfect match.

GEMMA GERMAN: I am looking to find my Mr. Spock.

PALMISANO: Gemma, a self-proclaimed geek, says this is her first time trying speed dating.

GERMAN: Taller than me. He would have to be like 6’2”  and fluffy built and a total geek.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The dates tonight are gonna run for 4 minutes. When you hear the chimes, men that will be your sign to move.

PALMISANO: Each speed dating event lasts for about two hours. Twenty men and twenty women only get a short time to chat before they meet their next date. Shawn Roberts, who coordinated the event, has this advice for first time speed daters.

SHAWN ROBERTS: Be yourself, just be yourself ... well because I think that is what people are looking for. People are looking for honesty.

PALMISANO: After each meeting, participants check a “yes” or a “no” box next to their dates name. Once the event is over people are paired up based on their selections and notified through email about their match. Gemma says there are three things that attracted her to this event.

GERMAN: The word geek and speed dating and the fact I need to find myself a geek man.

PALMISANO: And Gemma was not alone in her quest. The first two geek speed dating events were sold out.


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