Mexico Asks For Review Of What’s Deemed Essential If Border Restrictions Aren’t Lifted

By Murphy Woodhouse
Published: Tuesday, July 6, 2021 - 4:42pm

If border crossing restrictions are to remain in place, Mexican officials are asking their U.S. counterparts for a review of which trips are deemed essential.

Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard made those comments Tuesday morning after a recent meeting with several U.S. senators.

He also noted that San Diego and Tijuana now have comparable rates of vaccination after a recent campaign enabled by a U.S. donation of 1.35 million doses of the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Given that, “what would be the reason to maintain or unnecessarily prolong that restriction,” he asked.

Ebrard also again raised the prospect of changing restrictions based on vaccination rates in individual cities, instead of the entire border region.

Northbound restrictions imposed in March 2020 have prevented many Mexicans from crossing into the United States for nearly a year and a half now. U.S. citizens haven’t faced similar restrictions traveling into Mexico, and their return is deemed essential.

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