Mesa's Organ Stop Pizza Takes Suns-Bucks Rivalry To Next Level With Interstate Bet

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 - 11:52am

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Organ Stop Pizza
Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa has been a Valley staple for almost 50 years. This photo was taken before the pandemic.

The Phoenix Suns might have to fight their way out of a three-game deficit in the finals July 20, but that isn’t stopping the folks at Mesa’s Organ Stop Pizza from getting a piece of the action.

There are only two pizza joints in the country that feature a giant pipe organ in the pizzeria.

Most valley residents are familiar with Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa and its giant organ featuring 6,000 pipes and nearly 470 keys, but the other one is in Milwaukee.

Naturally, these two pizzerias found each other as the Suns and Bucks headed into the finals, and they laid out the type of bet usually reserved for home turf mayors.

They’re not betting pies — or even calzones. If the Bucks win the finals, Organ Stop’s key-tickler will have to wear a Bucks jersey while playing in Mesa.

And if the Suns win, the Organ Piper in Wisconsin will have to dedicate and play a Queen classic for the Suns.

In other rivalry news, Bucks fans in Wisconsin are being treated to a little snark from an Arizona law firm.

The attorneys at Warner, Angle, Hallam, Jackson & Formanek in Phoenix rented a billboard in downtown Milwaukee saying “Go Suns!” — complete with our ubiquitous sunset and cacti.

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