San Carlos, Guaymas Pandemic Closures Contrast With Previous Measures

Published: Friday, July 30, 2021 - 3:37pm

The Sonoran municipality that includes the beach town of San Carlos rolled out restrictions and closures to slow rapid coronavirus spread earlier this week, but some say enforcement is minimal.

Those restrictions, which officially include the closure of beaches, bars and nightclubs and significantly restricted occupancy in other establishments, are to last through at least Aug. 1, while Guaymas is at maximum risk. That designation came as cases have recently surged.

“I don't see the enforcement, the teeth behind it that they have done in the past,” said Eric Fairfield, one of the owners of the San Carlos brewery Marvida. He also said that information sharing about the measures was “as probably ill-prepared as it could be.”

But he said his brewery and restaurant is complying with the shortened hours and other rules, and thinks that many will do the same. He also said that a more aggressive approach could provoke resistance.

While Guaymas is among the hardest hit cities in Sonora, cases have been rising across the state, with recent daily totals rivaling the worst days of the previous two waves.

Guaymas Mayor Sara Valle previously told KJZZ that she’s asking would-be U.S. visitors to postpone visits until the situation improves as a show of solidarity.

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