UA Professors Redesigning The Office To Be A 'Healing Space'

By Steve Goldstein
Published: Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 11:46am

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Altaf Engineer and Esther Sternberg
University of Arizona
Altaf Engineer (left) and Esther Sternberg

The pandemic has forced those of us who work in an office environment to consider what makes the most sense when it comes to comfort level, safety and how efficient we are at our jobs.

Despite some efforts by designers and, in some cases, employers, the office area has rarely been one that makes us feel good — mentally or physically.

A new report indicates that can be the case, though, if a commitment is made by companies and businesses to elements like natural light and clean indoor air. Maybe the workspace could even be a “healing space.”

Dr. Esther Sternberg is a professor of medicine at the University of Arizona and is research director of the Andrew Weil Center.

And Altaf Engineer is a UA assistant professor of architecture.

Sternberg and Engineer are the lead authors on a new paper on designing healthier office spaces.

The Show spoke with them to learn more about their findings.

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