There's an app for Arizona redistricting feedback. Some say it's unusable

By Vaughan Jones
Published: Sunday, October 3, 2021 - 8:30am
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The process of redistricting in Arizona is ongoing, as the state’s independent committee listens to public comments.

One of the main issues at a recent hearing was the online map submission system, which many commenters said was too difficult to use.

The system was intended for invested parties to edit the pre-approved grid map based on how they feel districts should be divided.

Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission members tout the new system as a way for everyone to have access to the same tools and data as they do.

But those who attend redistricting meetings, including Sedona City Councilmember Holli Ploog, say the app creates more problems than solutions.

“The public cannot give input on the maps with this unusable tool the IRC has provided. We would like the IRC to simplify its mapping software so it is usable by the general public,” said Ploog.

The commission acknowledged the technological difficulties and urged citizens to submit paper maps or watch online tutorials for the software.

Other comments revolved around advocating for communities of interest, which are legally required to be considered in the redistricting process.