Boas: Suns owner denies many of ESPN's accusations. But what he admits to is 'creepy'

By Steve Goldstein
Published: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 11:45am

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The Show regularly checks in with the Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic to talk about current issues facing the state and the region — featured in columns on the newspaper’s op-ed pages.

Last week, ESPN published a lengthy article featuring allegations of misogyny and racism — along with a toxic work culture — against Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and the organization.

Robert Sarver
Christina Estes/KJZZ
Robert Sarver in 2019.

The piece included mostly anonymous comments from dozens of people citing incidents of inappropriate behavior by Sarver and an HR department that was focused on defending management at the expense of individual employees.

Columnist E.J. Montini wrote about the accusations and some of Sarver’s admissions — which Montini called "creepy." The Show spoke earlier with the Republic’s Phil Boas about Sarver and Montini’s column.

Phil Boas
Phil Boas
Phil Boas

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