Sonoran LGBTQ groups spearhead call for national ban on so-called conversion therapy

Published: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 4:01pm

LGBTQ activists in Sonora are spearheading a call for a national ban on so-called conversion therapy.

The Coalición Mexicana LGBTTTI+ Sonora gathered more than 18,000 signatures for a petition demanding the Mexican Senate approve a stalled reform measure that would criminally sanction practices intended to change people’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

A 2020 United Nations report found such practices to be “inherently humiliating, demeaning and discriminatory” and called for a global ban.

“We hope legislators do the right thing,” said Erica Salinas, director of Sociedad Activa, a coalition member. “Which is legislating in favor of human rights.” She was in Mexico City on Tuesday to hand over the petition.

Salinas herself experienced some of the practices nearly two decades ago, and said legislators are also obliged to act to protect Mexico’s young people.

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