Comcaac Nation in Sonora partners with nonprofits to beautify the community

By Kendal Blust
Published: Monday, December 13, 2021 - 5:05am

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A new collective effort is underway in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, meant to improve the living conditions of members of an Indigenous community located on the Sea of Cortez that has long been under-resourced and lacks basic services like water and sewage systems.

Members of the Comcaac Nation in Sonora are teaming up with environmental groups and a women's association for a two-stage effort they’re calling Tequio Comcaac.

"It's a great opportunity to participate in something historic," said Alberto Mellado, a representative for the Comcaac town of Punta Chueca. "It's going to help improve the way people in Punta Chueca live."

The idea is based on the concept of tequio — or collective work — in Indigenous communities in southern Mexico, he said.

In December, the groups are collecting donations of household goods and electronics. Then, community members and volunteers will spend a weekend in January beautifying the town. Mellado said they will collect trash, clean streets and homes and reforest the area with native plants. Community members who participate will receive the donated items.

He hopes it will also serve as a call to government officials to also step up its commitments to provide access to basic services, including quality medical care and consistent access to potable water. State and federal leaders have recently committed to carry out major infrastructure projects in the town.

Tequio Comcaac
Alberto Mellado
The Tequio Comcaac is a collaboration between members of the Comcaac Nation in Punta Chueca, Sonora, and civil society groups to improve living conditions in the community.

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