Tucson City Council approves $13 billion long-term transportation plan

Published: Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - 5:22pm
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The Tucson City Council has approved a 20-year spending plan to fix and improve the city’s roadways. Dubbed Move Tucson, the plan would need roughly $13 billion for projects like pothole and asphalt repair, transit improvements and hundreds of miles of roadway upgrades. 

Council member Steve Kozachik says the city is still figuring out how to pay for the plan. 

"It’s gonna be a lot of different pieces, but we had to get the plan approved before we kind of knew what the target was. Now we can kind of backfill and figure out how we’re going to fund it all," he said. 

Kozachik says Move Tucson could get help from federal funds. Other funding could come from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), which uses sales tax revenue to pay for projects across Pima County, and Proposition 101, a measure approved by Tucson voters in 2017 that also uses sales tax to fund public safety efforts and road repairs within city limits.

That measure is up for another vote in 2022. Kozachik says for it to be successful, projects should prioritize significant roadway repairs. And with several multimillion-dollar Tucson projects still unfunded by the RTA, he says the city is still working through what role the county-wide initiative will play in the larger plan.

Another council meeting is scheduled in January.

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