With a month of data left to report, Sonora nears end of historically violent year

Published: Sunday, December 26, 2021 - 8:45am

The new murder record won’t be known until mid-January, but the old one — 1,584 victims last year — was surpassed weeks ago.

The count currently sits at 1,775 through the end of November, and if that pace continues, the state will easily clear 1,900 victims, an astonishing toll in a state of fewer than 3 million people.

Sonora currently has the country’s fourth-highest murder rate.

The situation has also been grim for women specifically. Last year’s count of femicides has already been exceeded, and the number of female victims of murder jumped dramatically to 90, for a combined total of 127, the highest number since at least 2015, and a number all but certain to grow.

The group Observatorio Sonora por la Seguridad also found significant increases in domestic violence and sexual assault, according to their most recent report.

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