Sonora governor promises to make agave spirit bacanora core part of state economy

By Kendal Blust
Published: Thursday, December 30, 2021 - 5:05pm

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bacanora forum
Gobierno de Sonora
Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo speaks during the first annual Bacanora forum on Dec. 27, 2021.

Sonora’s governor says he will push to make the state’s agave distillate a major part of the state’s economy. Many hope the spirit’s popularity will grow to rival other Mexican distillates.

At the state’s first annual bacanora forum last week, Gov. Alfonso Durazo said he wants bacanora to become an iconic part of the state’s economy — like mezcal in Oaxaca or tequila in Jalisco.

"The primary income, the primary economic source in these municipalities should not be ranching or agriculture. It has to be bacanora," he said. "And we have to aspire to reach and surpass the mezcal brands that have gained fame from Oaxaca, from Guerrero, from Jalisco, the tequila. Why no? That's how tequila started. And that's how mezcal started in Oaxaca."

Kendal Blust/KJZZ
Bottles of different Bacanora bands inside the Bacanora Museum in Bacanora, Sonora.

Bacanora, which can be produced in 35 of the state’s 72 municipalities, is a traditional agave distillate that was prohibited for nearly eight decades until 1992. Now Durazo says his government will work to facilitate greater production and commercialization of the spirits — saying he wants Sonora to be known around the world for its bacanora.

"We must aspire to say, 'In Sonora, and in the world, they drink bacanora.' And we're going to make it happen," he said.

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