Senate Judiciary Committee passes bill creating study committee on missing Indigenous citizens

Published: Friday, January 28, 2022 - 11:28am

The Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously passed a bill aiming to get to study missing and murdered indigenous people. 

SB 1215 creates a study committee composed of members of law enforcement, the Legislature and those who work with tribal members to determine how the state can reduce violence against indigenous people in Arizona. 

State Sen. and bill sponsor Victoria Steele says the number of Native Americans missing is higher than data reflects. 

“It is heart wrenching every time we hear about another indigenous individual who is kidnapped, raped or goes missing. These individuals and their families deserve justice," Steele said. 

A study committee was previously established on missing and murdered indigenous females but it was not revived last year in order to allow for one that includes all Native Americans.

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