A militia backing QAnon conspiracies is receiving unaccompanied minors at the U.S.-Mexico border

Published: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 - 11:53am
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A militia that espouses QAnon theories is meeting unaccompanied minors at the Arizona-Mexico border, and federal authorities are apparently aware of it.

The group, called Veterans on Patrol, is led by a man named Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer. In 2018, he claimed a homeless encampment in Tucson was actually a child sex-trafficking camp. That led to what Melissa del Bosque calls a “Pizza-gate style hysteria,” referring to an incident at a D.C.-area pizza parlor led by followers of QAnon.

Tucson police investigated and debunked Meyer’s theory. He’s also been charged with destroying water stations put out in the desert by the group Humane Borders.

Melissa del Bosque spent some time on the border looking into Veterans on Patrol and some of the people involved with the group; she’s the co-founder of the Border Chronicle, a substack newsletter.

The Show spoke with her to learn about the group and their actions.

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