Come police officers who transfer to Chandler can get up to $10K in bonuses

By Matthew Casey
Published: Friday, April 29, 2022 - 3:43pm

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A Chandler police SUV.
Kerry Fehr-Snyder/KJZZ
A Chandler police SUV.

Law enforcement officers who work outside of metro Phoenix can soon get up to $10,000 to transfer to the Chandler Police Department.

Starting Sunday, Chandler’s pitch to police officers working outside of metro Phoenix is $5,000 to sign on and up to $5,000 more to relocate.

City officials say they’ve recruited dozens of public safety workers in about a year with max bonuses of $5,000.

By doubling the amount, Chandler will match Glendale’s transfer offer to in-state cops.

The $10,000 bonus is more than what the Phoenix and Mesa police departments currently offer to lateral hires.