On 8th anniversary of Ayotzinapa disappearances, AMLO promises truth will be known

By Murphy Woodhouse
Published: Monday, September 26, 2022 - 5:12pm

The last few months have seen a roller-coaster ride of arrests and revelations in the case of 43 students who were disappeared in southern Mexico in 2014.

This Monday marked the eighth anniversary of the tragedy. Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called it a day of national mourning.

“We are going to continue with the investigation, which has advanced,” Lopez Obrador said. “The pact of silence and impunity is being broken.”

Arrests of high-profile former officials — including a former attorney general and retired army general — have recently been made.

Over the weekend, the national outlet Reforma published stories based on an unredacted version of a recent truth commission report. It contained shocking details about the alleged murders of the students, and coordination between organized crime and multiple levels of government to dispose of the bodies.

López Obrador criticized the leak of the report, but added that such things shouldn’t be hidden, and that the leak would not compromise efforts to bring those responsible to justice.

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