'Yes' vote clings to shrinking lead in Arizona Proposition 308 tally

Published: Friday, November 11, 2022 - 7:06am
Updated: Friday, November 11, 2022 - 7:07am
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Yes votes for Proposition 308 were outpacing no’s by about 10 points late Tuesday night, but that lead has since narrowed with about 70% of ballots counted so far.

If passed, the measure would open in-state tuition and scholarships to undocumented high school graduates in Arizona, which hasn't been possible since voters passed a different measure barring it in 2006. 

Jose Patiño is a DACA recipient campaigning for 308 in Phoenix as part of the advocacy group Aliento. He says he and other volunteers have long prepared for the probability of a close margin.

"We’re very very nervous and anxious, just based on working on this issue for years, just based off conversations and our polling, we knew it was going to be close, we knew it was going to be around 25,000 votes," he said.

Patiño says that’s because feelings on 308 run the gamut of strong support and opposition — especially during an election year where anti-immigration messaging was high among Republican candidates.

If passed, the measure would not affect state taxes, but proponents argue it would boost Arizona’s economy by keeping more talent in the state. Patiño spent weeks speaking to voters about those points. He says he hopes it’s enough to tip the scales.

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