In spite of summit climate pledge, Biden administration's record is a mixed bag

By Ron Dungan
Published: Monday, November 21, 2022 - 4:12pm
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The Biden administration says it's committed to addressing climate change, a pledge that it reiterated during the recent climate summit.

But the administration could do more to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Oil and gas production are the largest industrial source of methane, a major driver of climate change.

Although Biden ordered a pause on new oil and gas leases early in his administration, the industry already had thousands of them on the books.

Actual drilling increased under his watch, and leases resumed in the summer.

“You know the pace of permit approvals is also very much inconsistent with climate goals and reducing emissions coming off of public lands,” said Kyle Tisdel of the Western Environmental Law Center.

But the administration has promoted the use of public lands for renewable energy, including a transmission line for wind power from New Mexico into Arizona.

It has also helped fund efforts to cap abandoned oil and gas wells, a major source of methane.

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