Maricopa County voters nearly tie record in midterms

Published: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 - 2:56pm

After nearly two weeks of counting, Maricopa County election officials finished tallying midterm votes Monday.

Just over 64% of eligible voters in the county cast a ballot, nearly tying a record set in 2018. 

Those unfamiliar with state law and precedent — including some national media outlets — balked at the duration.

Megan Gilbertson with county elections said the counting process was on par with previous cycles, "I think we’re within our historic averages. I think sometimes we take up to 15 days, but the law does allow counties 20 days to complete the count in each county."

The county Board of Supervisors is set to canvass the votes next Monday. After that, a mandatory recount triggered by a new state law will proceed for some races, including attorney general. 

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