An ancient Navajo process is used to make this organic baby food

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Monday, December 5, 2022 - 1:43pm

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bidii baby foods
Zach Ben
Bidii Baby Foods produces baby cereals centered around organic and traditionally produced Navajo dried steamed corn.

Zach Ben sees a direct connection between nurturing the land and nurturing our children.

He and his wife, Mary, have one little one, a toddler who became the inspiration and motivation for their company, Bidii Baby Foods, located in Shiprock, New Mexico. The company produces organically and traditionally grown Navajo dried steamed corn-based baby cereals — and it’s not a simple process.

Ben said he learned how to do it  when he was a little kid, and now, doing it with his son feels like passing a torch. 

The Show spoke with him to learn more about the broader goals behind Bidii Baby Foods and more about the complicated process of producing it.

Zach and Mary Ben
Zach Ben
Bidii Baby Foods founders Zach and Mary Ben.

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