New administration, new focus on conserving AZ groundwater resources

Published: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 - 5:40pm

New Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs recently called attention to the importance of conserving groundwater.

There are signs the state is about to get serious about protecting its most vital resource.

Experts say that groundwater took tens of thousands of years to accumulate, yet some parts of the state are using it up in a matter of decades.

Hobbs recently released a report that raised concerns about groundwater supplies in the West Valley.

And new Attorney General Kris Mayes made a campaign promise to stop Saudi Arabian entities from using Arizona’s groundwater to grow alfalfa to ship back to their country.

“We were really encouraged by the governor’s state of the state address," said Haley Paul, of the Water for Arizona Coalition. "First of all that water was a top priority and second of all that she highlighted the need for management of our existing groundwater resources.”

The state Department of Water Resources recently imposed groundwater restrictions on agriculture near Kingman.